Things to be kept in mind before choosing Hotel Management course

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Forest City Inn, Iowa.

Why Hotel Management??

The hotel industry is one of the largest sectors in the modern world with enough variety in job roles for any kind of person, from the creative person to the corporate minded.

Hotel Management, often referred as Hospitality Management in a broader sense, is a versatile occupation and completely opposite to the myth, is much more than just being a chef or a restaurant manager.

Hospitality isn’t easy. It’s not just smiling and shaking hands with guests. There are lots of aspects of hospitality that are academic which includes accounting and finance, human resources, marketing, food service, tourism and lodging all of which require a lot of computer science and mathematics.

It does not matter if you are studying quantum physics or napkin folding you can always do something better. Just because the hotel school isn’t a typical field of study doesn’t not mean its not hard you will be challenged in new ways every single day.

If you are fond of travelling and meeting new interesting people, then the choice of course is a best option.

Before opting the course, one must be aware of different areas of operation need to keep in mind for personal growth or growing your business.

HOTEL would not run smoothly without the right people and the right resources in the right departments. The different areas will reflect the various job roles that will need to be filled to keep the organization running. Being aware of these departments can help you plan for your future success. This may vary on the basis of size of hotel, services they offer and amenities they have.

  1. Executive

    The decision makers, which refers to department head, managers or the director. Depending upon the functionality of work and size of the company executives are responsible to track records of accounting, marketing, at times front desk services too.

  2. Marketing and sales

    One of the business strategies is how you are promoting it. The marketing is responsible for converting prospects into paying guest and spreading the brand message. This is achieved through marketing channels and practices, including social media, content marketing and so on.

  3. Front Office Department:

    People who are perfectly principled are more suitable to this profile. FD is the one who is constantly in contact with guests, and may even be responsible for taking and handling bookings also making sure that guest had a pleasant experience. It is on a receptionist who can have opportunities for networking in order to advance to other positions within a specific field moreover it depends on a industry too.. Some persons working as receptionists continue in that position throughout their careers, some receptionists may advance to other administrative jobs.

  4. Housekeeping

    Housekeeping is an crucial department of the hotel industry especially responsible for cleanliness, amending upkeep of the rooms, maintenance, public area, and surroundings. This also includes safe cleaning equipment and chemicals, managing laundry, pest control, keep up the hotel with classy interior decoration, take care of the furniture, fittings, and fixtures of the entire hotel.

  5. Maintenance

    In today’s tech-oriented world, there is also more to repair and fix. As a hotel maintenance worker, your job duties are to inspect and repair, such as the heating and cooling systems, plumbing, lighting, and kitchen equipment. Depending upon the knowledge they may even look into the network set up for the hotel. They also assist with repairing floors, roofs, and doors and installing new products, such as windows, carpets, and light fixtures depending on to the hotel. Technicians may report directly to the executives or may be at times to FD.

  6. Accounting

    Tracking expenses and revenue, helps you keep a count on the pulse of the business, so you can make tweaks and adjustments as required. Accounting departments handle a variety of important tasks which includes invoicing customers, accounts receivable monitoring and collections, payable processing, budgeting, periodic financial reporting as well as financial analysis. They are usually directly answerable to executive team with relevant data and forecasts.

  7. Kitchen Staff

    If you’re a full-service hotel, if you offer room service, or both, then it’s impossible to keep up with orders and meet your guest’s dining needs without competent kitchen staff. The accumulation of customers food critiques can ultimately form a general verdict on how recommendable a hotel is or isn’t. Consistently delicious and memorable catering menus is a crucial element to a guest’s overall experience. Culinary preparation, as an art and science in the modern kitchen, required more than just a knowledge of food being prepared and the methods of preparation.

The most common places to find a job are the largest cities in USA hotels in Forest City Iowa, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Austin, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Columbus, Charlotte, Seattle.


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